My mother always tells me that I make the ugliest/funniest faces, which I guess is why I chose to stand behind the camera instead of in front of it. I am a class clown, but I have a serious desire to create more than just a laugh. You can find me taking shots of espresso by day and falling asleep to records, before 10pm, by night. At the end of the day, I'm just living life and loving God more than women in commercials love yogurt. 

I grew up with my family using the phrase "heart and soul." I was encouraged to love with all my heart and soul, to serve the Lord with all my heart and soul, to do with all my heart and soul, and to show my heart and soul through what I loved to do.

Blaire Blackmon Photography reaching depths of the heart and soul. I strive to capture moments that lead the mind beyond two dimensions and the stories that lead beyond the moment. 




Traveling photographer based out of

Tuscaloosa, AL